June's Journey

June's Journey

Position: Lead Writer
Year: 2017
Developer: Wooga

June's Journey is the number one hidden object game in the world, with around 2 million daily active users. I led the writing team in developing June's Journey's story, characters, marketing, and narrative elements across all game features.

Under my direction, June's Journey moved away from a finite story toward narrative more suited for a live game, with an expanded cast that allowed for both genre and gameplay modularity.

Here are a few samples of chapters that I've written showing the direction of the game.

Volume 4, Chapter 6

The longer arc of the volume is intended to cause tension between June and her husband, who is unaware of her new employment, and the fact that her handler is a bit of a catch himself.

This chapter sets up June with a spy agency that's recruited her shortly after her own wedding.

Volume 4, Chapter 22

Later in the Volume, June finds herself in Iran, forced to chase down a target that she has secretly empathized with. Her partner suspects that she released his former partner turned traitor.

Volume 4, Chapter 35

Once intended as an end to June's Journey's linear narrative, this chapter was retooled to set up June's future in California.

Volume 5, Chapter 3

The longer arc of Volume 5 is intended to expand the main cast of June's Journey and broaden story opportunties by having June start her own detective agency. It is much lighter in tone than the previous volume after considering fan feedback during (unanticipated) lockdown.

In this chapter, June is feeling adrift and seeks emotional support from an old friend.

Volume 5, Chapter 23

In this chapter, we see the full new detective cast assembled and solving their first joint case: tracking down a kidnapped actress.

Volume 5, Chapter 26

I threw this one in because it's very different and far more emotionally driven, as we pulled away from June's perspective for a few chapters to focus on her niece, Virginia. Virginia ends up in quite a bit of trouble, and a different kind of trouble than her aunt gets into.

Volume 5, Chapter 34

This chapter is a light, comedy-driven chapter to make up for June's niece rejecting her in the previous story arc. June busts Virginia out of jail, and wasn't very appreciated for it, so she shares her troubles with the agency secretary.

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